Is bigger actually better?



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Let’s find out…

As you can see, this thing is HUGE.



I love the marketing idea where they thought it would be a great idea to suggest that this candy bar is “SLICE n’ SHARE.”  As if in the final marketing meeting they came to the conclusion that they needed a warning that should say something to the effect of…”If you purchased this candy bar with the intention of consuming every single morsel by yourself, you may need to seek medical attention and then upon full recovery a complete psychological evaluation.”  But, Slice n” Share just sounds more hip, I guess.




Let’s see “what’s inside…” before we actually see what’s inside.

If you were actually going to eat this whole entire thing by yourself, let’s do the math.  Package says the suggested serving size is 9.

So in total…

  • 2070 Calories
  • 99 g of Fat
  • 40.5 g of Saturated Fat
  • 225 g of Sugar
  • 810 mg of Sodium


I think they should have stated on the package, “Slice n’ Share a Heart Attack and Say Hello to Type 2 Diabetes”

So let’s unwrap this thing!  It’s right around 9 inches long and about 1 inch high!  (sorry forgot to measure the width)




Let’s see what it looks like on the inside!



For scaling purposes, I thought it would be interested to see what a bite-size version would like like in comparison.




Making a 1 Pound candy bar has it’s challenges.  The biggest issue when dealing with the size and weight are the structural issues.  Unfortunately, taste and consistency were sacrificed so that this behemoth would stay together.  As you can see, the ratio of caramel and peanuts to nougat is seriously off.  After unwrapping the giant bar, I discovered a protective card board sleeve.  As soon as I began to cut into the bar, I noticed how hard it was.  The caramel was as solid as a rock and impossible to eat.  The thin layer of nougat was also hard and tasteless.  After cutting off one small sliver to taste, I didn’t want anymore.  This candy bar is strictly for novelty and not meant to for human consumption.  Thinking about it now, I should have put it in the microwave to see if the heat would have softened it up any.

Final Thoughts

This makes a great gag gift, but that’s about it.  The enormous size makes it a novelty item.  I would rate it a 1 out 5 normal snickers candy bars.  MSRP was somewhere around $10, if I remember correctly.

Stay Hungry My Friends